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Who's Veronica?

Veronica is a Singer / Songwriter from Columbus, Georgia. She is nearly finished recording her album, "Deep Six" with the band "Ironclad", and is working on a song for charity to raise funds for the Valley Rescue Mission, as it begins an expansion of 120 beds. (See the "Profit the Prophet" page for more info).


She sings and plays guitar and some keyboard, writes music and performs. At present, Veronica heads up a three-piece bluesy group called "Intrinsic Blue", and the pirate band "Coldiron" in addition to the 7 piece rock band "Ironclad".


As a guitar player, singer, songwriter, performer she heads both large and small bands, and has played to crowds of two and thousands. Her years of experience in the entertainment/music industry give her a unique insight to performing, which she utilizes to incorporate audience participation and to maintain her fan base. From playing "Pirate" at renaissance fairs and pirate festivals, to charming the blues crowd with her "Vocal Seduction", Ms. Coldiron "woos" her crowd with sultry vocals and engaging music.


Please check out the music and video pages and sign the guestbook! She answers all her entries herself. :)

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